Welcome Prof./Dr. Lizhi Gu, Huaqiao University, China to be the TPC!


Prof./Dr. Lizhi Gu, Huaqiao University, China

Dr. Gu Lizhi is a professor in College of Mechanical Engineering and Automation, Huaqiao University, and doctor of engineering, granted the title of Huaqiao University Outstanding Instructor, the National Outstanding Teacher, also in College of Mechanical and Electric & Electronic Engineering, Quanzhou Institute of Engineering, an executive director of both the Chinese Research Association of Metal Cutting & Advanced Manufacturing Technology, and the National Association of manufacturing automation.

Director of key laboratory of virtual manufacturing technology in colleges and universities of Fujian province, high-end talent of equipment manufacturing in west China industrial agglomeration zone, expert of national innovation fund evaluation, expert of provincial and municipal project evaluation and acceptance and warehousing.

The main research interests contain Unification Technology of CAD/CAPP/FMS, digital design and manufacturing, vibration metal cutting and advanced manufacturing technology, specific-abnormal mechanisms, mechanical manipulator, and the robot controlling system;  composed 8 books published more than 380 academic papers, carried provincial level and above more than 20 projects, authorized 20 pieces of the National Invention Patents, gained 3 Provincial Awards of Scientific and Technological Advancement Achievements.