Welcome Dr. Mingxiang Wu, Shanghai Normal University Tianhua College, China to be the TPC!


Dr. Mingxiang Wu, Shanghai Normal University Tianhua College, China


2013   D.E. (Automotive Engineering), Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai,China


2003   B.ENG (Automotive Engineering), Hubei University of Automotive Technology, Shiyan,China



1.      Optimal power matching strategy for mode switching control of dual clutch hybrid electric vehicle. (Scientific Research Project of Shanghai Normal University, TianHua College, 2018, PI)


2.      Research on the strategy for optimal feedback linearization slip ratio control of Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) in new energy vehicles. (The Training Scheme for Young College Teachers in Shanghai, PI, 2014-2016)


3.      Theoretical study on integrated dynamic optimization control for dry dual-clutch transmissions based on shifting quality and service life. (The National Natural Science Foundation ofChina, 51175326/E050201, Investigator, 2012-2015)


4.      Development of dual-clutch automatic transmission used in sedan. (The National High-tech R&D Program (863 Program), 2006AA110110, PhD Student, 2006-2010)



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3.  Wu MX. Feedback linearization control strategy and device for ABS and TCS. Patent No.: CN109334646A.




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