Welcome Prof./Dr. YoungPak Lee, Hanyang University, Korea/Fudan University, China to be the TPC!


Prof./Dr. YoungPak Lee, Hanyang University, Korea/Fudan University, China

YoungPak Lee received his B. S. degree from Seoul National Univ., Korea, in 1975, and the Ph. D. degree in experimental condensed-matter physics in 1987 from Iowa State Univ., U. S. A.

His research has involved study on magneto-optical, magnetic, optical and transport properties, and electronic structures of thin films and nanostructures, characterization of the surfaces and interfaces of thin films including multilayers, and so forth since his Ph. D. degree.

After many careers in U. S. A., Japan, Germany and Korea, he is now former President of the Korean Physical Society and Distinguished Prof., Physics Dept. of Hanyang Univ. Prof. Lee is also Member of Korea Academy of Science and Technology, Distinguished Prof., Fudan University, China, Series Editor for “Topics in Applied Physics” of Springer Publishing Co., and Editorial Board Member of “Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Application.”

He has published 722 SCI papers with an h-index of 61 as of April 2020. His current investigations include metamaterials and magnetic photonic crystals, multiferroic systems, and nanoscopic investigation of morphology and magnetic domain. He has received tens of academic awards including Sungbong Physics Award (the highest-level Award from the Korean Physical Society).