Welcome A.Prof. Qiulong Wei, Xiamen University, China to be the TPC!


A.Prof. Qiulong Wei, Xiamen University, China

Qiulong Wei is an associated professor of College of Materials at Xiamen University. He received his Ph.D. from the State Key Laboratory of Advanced Technology for Materials Synthesis and Processing, Wuhan University of Technology in 2016, under the supervision of Prof. Qingjie Zhang and Prof. Liqiang Mai. He carried out postdoctoral research in Bruce Dunn Group at UCLA from 2016 to 2019.

His current research involves the design and synthesis of nanomaterials for achieving both high energy density and power density, electrochemical energy storage devices, including the lithium-ion battery, sodium-ion battery and hybrid supercapacitor.

Selected paper:

1. Q. Wei, F. Xiong, S. Tan, L. Huang, E. H. Lan, B. Dunn* and L. Mai*, Porous One-Dimensional Nanomaterials: Design, Fabrication and Applications in Electrochemical Energy Storage, Adv. Mater. 2017, 1602300

2. Q. Wei, Q. Wang, Q. Li, Q. An*, Y. Zhao, Z. Peng, Y. Jiang, S. Tan, M. Yan and L. Mai*, Pseudocapacitive Layered Iron Vanadate Nanosheets Cathode for Ultrahigh-Rate Lithium Ion Storage. Nano Energy, 2018, 47, 294.

3. S. Tan, Y. Jiang, Q. Wei*, Q. Huang, Y. Dai, F. Xiong, Q. Li, Q. An, X. Xu, Z. Zhu, X. Bai* and L. Mai*, Synergistic Effect of Multi-Dimensionally Assembled Nanoarchitectures Rendering High-Stable and Ultrafast Sodium-Ion Storage. Adv. Mater., 2018, 1707122.

4. Y. Jiang, Y. Shen, J. Dong, S. Tan, Q. Wei*, F. Xiong, Q. Li, X. Liao, Z. Liu, Q. An, and L. Mai*, Surface Pseudocapacitive Mechanism of Molybdenum Phosphide for High-Energy and High-Power Sodium-Ion Capacitors, Adv. Energy Mater. 2019, 9, 1900967

5. C. Choi, D. S. Ashby, D. M. Butts, R. H. DeBlock, Q. Wei, J. Lau, B. Dunn*, Achieving high energy density and high power density with pseudocapacitive materials, Nature Review Materials, 2020, 5, 5-19.