Welcome Prof.Carlo Rainieri, University of Molise to be TPC!


Prof.Carlo Rainieri, University of Molise, Italy

Carlo Rainieri got his Ph.D. in Structural Engineering at the University of Naples in 2009. He is currently Assistant Professor at the Structural and Geotechnical Dynamics Laboratory of the University of Molise. His research interests are in the fields of structural dynamics, Operational Modal Analysis, Structural Health Monitoring, and smart materials (with special focus on carbon nanotube/cement composites). He holds the courses of “Structural dynamics” and “Dynamic identification and experimental analysis of structures” at the University of Molise.

He is author of the first book on Operational Modal Analysis appeared in the literature (“Operational Modal Analysis of Civil Engineering Structure: An Introduction and Guide for Applications”, edited by Springer). He is also author of more than 100 papers, published on International peer-reviewed Journals and National and International conference proceedings. He is also founder and CEO of S2X s.r.l., a spin off company of the University of Molise aimed at providing highly qualified solutions and services in the field of civil and earthquake engineering, including output-only modal identification tests and vibration-based Structural Health Monitoring.