Welcome Dr.Martin Schadt, MS High-Tech Consulting to be TPC!

Dr.Martin Schadt, MS High-Tech Consulting, Switzerland

Martin Schadt received his PhD degree in physics from the University Basel, Switzerland in the field of molecular solid state physics. After the invention of the TN-LCD together with Wolfgang Helfrich, he headed the interdisciplinary liquid crystal research division of F. Hoffmann-La Roche and was the first CEO of the spin-off company Rolic Ltd. which is based on the linear polymerized photo-alignment technology of which he is the main inventor. Dr. Schadt holds more than 119 US patents in the fields of liquid crystal devices and LC-materials. He has published 196 papers in leading scientific journals and has given more than 160 lectures. Dr. Schadt is active as scientific consultant on electro-optical effects, LC-material science and novel liquid crystal applications.

Among numerous other Awards, Dr. Schadt is the recipient of the IEEE Jun-ichi Nishizawa Medal (2008), the Blaise Pascal Medal for Material Sciences of the European Academy of Sciences (2010), the Charles Stark Draper Prize of the US National Academy of Sciences (2012), and the European Inventor Award for Lifetime Achievement (2013). He is an Honorary Professor of Nanjing University and Sichuan University. He is Fellow of the Society of Information Display (SID), the European Academy of Sciences and the US Academy of Inventors (NAI).