Keynote Speakers

MSMME 2018: 


Prof. Yongming Wang, Anhui University of Technology, China

Title: Quadruped-imitating robot leg rod joint driving torque virtual prototype simulation

Abstract: Based on the motion principle of the double-half-revolution mechanism, a new type of quadruped-imitating robot is designed. It mainly consists of body suspension, wheel leg support and walking-leg. In order to simplify its walking-leg mechanism, each leg rod joint is directly driven by a steering gear. The virtual prototype model of the robot is established based on SolidWorks. The motion constraint relationship of legs and the three-dimensional collision properties between the stride rod and the ground are set. According to the kinematic coupling relationship of the legs, the driving speed of each joint is set. For two typical working conditions of the robot: walking on flat ground and climbing over vertical obstacle, the driving torques of the leg joints, such as the first swivel arm, the second swivel arm and the stride rod, are simulated respectively. The driving torque curves of leg joints are obtained under different working conditions. The results provide a reference basis for the steering engine lectotype design in the future.